The Monona Dive Team is part of the All City Swim and Dive League and competes with other All City Dive teams from mid June through the end of July. The dive team consists of boys and girls of all abilities and is a great place to have fun and improve diving skills. The dive team competes in 7 dual meets throughout the summer and ends with the All City Dive meet at the end of July. Each diver must compete in at least 3 meets to dive at All City. MO wants each athlete to develop new diving skills each week. 

MO expects divers to attend as many of the scheduled practices as possible with the goal of moving each day towards completing their "dive list" and participating in at least four, dual meets plus the All City meet too for a total of 5+ meets during the season. MO expects athletes to participate/compete in dive meets because they are on the roster excluding a diver on the waitlist who is not able to join because we are at capacity.

Divers are grouped by boys and girls in the following age groups for competition: 10 and under, 11-12, 13-14 and 15 and up. Divers in the 10 and under category perform 5 dives in a meet. Divers 11 and over perform 6 dives in a meet.

Dive meets are typically held on Friday evenings beginning at 5:00 with warm ups at 3:00pm for home meets. Warm ups are typically at 4:00pm when we're hosted by another team at their pool.

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